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We're looking for energetic, professional and friendly trainers to join us in making Resurrection Fitness even better. Is that you?
Change Lives For A Living.
  • We have flexible scheduling.
    Part time positions available for a.m. and p.m.
  • You'll work in an energetic and positive atmosphere. 
    "No negativity" zone that's customer service focused and goal oriented.
  •  You'll have all of the tools needed to become successful with us. 
    Get detailed training on getting results safely with clients through effective nutrition and fitness knowledge.
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What You'll Own
  • Provide safe and effective training sessions to Resurrection Fitness clients per curriculum guidelines
  • Maintain an 85% or above on client satisfaction surveys
  • Ensure 85% of clients are consistently showing progress during progress tracking
  • Provide at least one client success testimonial per month
  • Create success plan for each client's progress tracking session, including goal setting and outlined training program 
  • Attend and participate in the following:  
  • One on one 30 minute progress tracking for each private client every 6 weeks
  • One group progress tracking session every 3 weeks with team 
  • Weekly food log review for each private and semi private client
  • Social engagements between clients via VIP Facebook Coaching Group
What You've Got To Have
  • Solid training experience: We're looking for someone with a nationally accredited certification or college degree in exercise science. 
  • Excellent communication skills: The coach must communicate directions and expectations clearly to our clients and be able to listen and consider each client's needs, goals and struggles when designing training sessions and programs.
  • A desire to help people and get results:You'll be talking to multiple clients per day so you must appear extroverted and be able to connect with clients from different backgrounds. That means balancing emotions with tough conversations, managing goals and progress tracking numbers, and having a strong desire to help clients reach goals and finding out their underlying motivations for training.
  • Self Motivation and overall positive attitude: At Resurrection Fitness, a positive mindset and positive communication to team members and clientele is the of the utmost importance. We strive to maintain an encouraging and positive atmosphere to uplift all who are associated. 
What's At Your Core
  • Teamwork: Reach out to peers and cooperate with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.
  • Leadership: Care for and inspire others around you, take initiative, and set the example for others.
  • Communication: Speak and write clearly and articulately. Always make the other party feel valued and listened to. 
  • Creativity/innovation: Generate new and innovative approaches to problems, such as client nutrition guidance and sticking points on goals. 
  • Honesty and integrity: Don't cut corners ethically. Earn trust and maintain confidence. Speak plainly and truthfully.
  • Intelligence: Learn quickly. Demonstrate the ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information. Always consider yourself a student of the industry by seeking out solutions and techniques to clients' needs. 
  • Work ethic: Possess a strong willingness to work hard and be present for client prospecting. Have a track record of working hard.
  • Attention to detail: Do not let important details slip through the cracks, such as form and technique and cleanliness of the training area.
  • Openness to criticism and ideas: Often solicit feedback and react calmly to criticism or negative feedback to allow for further personal success and growth. 
  • Intentions to exceed expectations: Seek out what other ways to go above and beyond for our clients AND our team? 
Here's What People Are Saying About Resurrection Fitness
At Resurrection Fitness, we're all about client experience and results and an atmosphere that creates stark raving fans that feel connected. 
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Name and title of author
Results. Results. Results. 
Getting great results can change lives and self esteem. We LOVE that here.
Wanna Know More About Resurrection Fitness??

Resurrection Fitness was created by myself, (Lance) and my wife, Lauren Caron in September of 2008 after leaving a personal training position at a local box gym. From being in the industry a few years at that time, the results for clients were great, but so many clients just never felt connected or safe at the larger box gyms for a number of reasons. After taking note on the emotional aspects of each client, we knew we had to create something different. Just as focused on results, but not second to understanding fears and insecurities and struggles on each person's journey. So, Resurrection Fitness was born and operated out of our empty dining room, of all places. Fortunately, despite the odd location and setup, our clients saw our vision and truly felt connected and safe, which has actually lended to still having several of them to this day. 

We've moved locations a few times as our creative vision and clientele grew, but the focus remains the same. Exceed the expectations of all who walk through our doors and provide hope and inspiration to achieve what they believe might be impossible at the moment. 

We do this with detailed conversation and needs analysis consultations, scalable personal training sessions and techniques for nearly anyone and ongoing support and coaching. 

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